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Wedding Flowers: Tips for brides

General thoughts about Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers can be a large portion of the cost of putting on a wedding, but don't let this discourage you. Don't underestimate the importance of having flowers at your wedding. Flowers at a wedding denote celebration, congratulation, fertility, and prosperity. They contribute to the atmosphere of love and embody the beauty and promise of joining two lives together.

Orange blossoms have traditionally been associated with weddings, but there are many other flowers popular today:

For the best results, do some research about the types of flowers that will be in season when your wedding is to take place. Prices can be higher and blooms more difficult to find if the flowers you pick are rare, exotic, or out-of-season.

The bride's flowers should complement the style of her gown or dress, as well as her personality and the style and theme of the wedding. Be sure that the scale of the flowers at the site meshes with the scale of the location (be in contact with the administrators of the site to make sure your flowers will be accepted in the space). Also, if the other decorations or background are dark, or if it is a winter wedding, consider contrasting with bright or light-coloured flowers.

The bride's flowers should also conform to the proportions of the bride (for example, a tall bride might want to use a cascading bouquet). There are a few kinds of bridal bouquets:

cascade: flows downwards and may have a blossom or two suspended below by its own stem or a ribbon presentation: held in the crook of the arm like a sceptre round cluster: may have a ruff of lace or tulle behind it; a favourite is a tight cluster of roses or roses & peonies loose-tied: arranged as if just picked from the garden or a field & tied with silk or ribbons and lace. If you carry one of these, have a vase or bucket of ice for it on the head table at the reception.

Some brides opt to have an additional toss bouquet with less expensive or common flowers so they can keep their own bouquet as a memento.

The bride should have the largest or most elaborate bouquet followed by that of the maid or matron of honour and then the other attendants. Both mothers' corsages should be the same or at least similar in size and elaboration. The groom's boutonniere should be distinctive, though similar to the style of flowers used throughout the wedding decoration. One option is to echo one of the flowers in the bride's bouquet.

Decorative flowers can be accented with bowls of water, goldfish, candles, colourful seasonal fruit, glass balls or marbles. The bride doesn't have to limit herself to a traditional bouquet. She can carry a prayer book, a candle, or other special item with a single flower instead.

Whatever ideas you have, the best way to make your wedding flowers reflect your own style is to consult with the wedding flowers experts at Tidys (416-364-5475). Tell them what your ideal is and let them help you find the right arrangements for you. Call today!