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Valentine's Day...

A Day For Lovers And Others!

It can start with a glance across the room or perhaps seeing the same smile at the coffee shop each morning. If it causes a reaction, you may have just felt cupid's arrow!

Cupid was one of the gods of mythology. In Latin, the word Cupid means, "desire". We can all recognize this chubby little guy with the mischievous smile, however, how he chooses his victims is sometimes quite a puzzle! Still, there is no getting away from it - if cupid has shot his arrow and hit his mark, then you are probably in love or at least "smitten" with someone special!

Valentine's Day, like love itself, can mean different things to different people. Not all of us are romantic. Or perhaps we are, just not in the conventional way.

However, it's not just a day to send cards, chocolates and flowers (although we do highly recommend it!). And believe it or not, Valentine's Day is not a holiday "made up" by greeting card companies and florists! There really was a St. Valentine!

Actually, he was a priest by the name of Valentine during the reign of Emperor Claudius The Emperor was heavily into trying to recruit men to serve as soldiers for his wars. This became increasingly difficult as the men preferred not to leave their wives, families or sweethearts to fight in foreign lands. Claudius was not very amused with the situation. He became angry and declared that no more marriages could be performed and all engagements were to be cancelled!

Many of the young lovers were so disappointed that Valentine decided he would do something about this unfair declaration. So, defying the law, he secretly performed marriage ceremonies for those still wishing to marry. Legend has it that he was considered something of a hero in his time. But The Emperor caught wind of what was going on and threw Valentine into jail. While there, Valentine fell in love with the jailer's daughter and wrote her letters that were signed "From your Valentine". This enraged the jailer and Valentine lost his life... many suspect on February 14th, 269 A.D.

With his death, Valentine became the patron saint of lovers - hence St. Valentine! In 496 Pope Gelasius declared the day in honour of St. Valentine. For centuries and centuries, this day of celebration has been kept alive while others have fallen by the wayside.

The Language Of Flowers is synonymous with the language of love and plays a very intriguing role in showing your affections. A bouquet of red roses speaks Volumes as a Valentine token of love. Indeed, any beautiful floral bouquet can surely warm a heart and convey a message of caring and love!

And since Victorian times, Valentine's Day cards have been adorned with hearts, flowers, and yes, even our charming friend cupid, when paper lace Valentine Cards were sent by a "Secret Admirer".

Times have changed in many ways. Feelings are no longer secret and flowers are not sent just by men... nor only to lovers! Although the vast majority of men's valentine day purchases are for their wives or girlfriends, statistics show that women send expressions of love to parents, sisters, daughters and friends. However, did you know that 60 % of men, from young to not so young, said they would consider it very romantic to receive flowers on Valentine's Day? Sadly, only 40% claim to have been so honoured!