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Sympathy / Funeral Flowers

Tidy's Flowers has a wide selection of funeral arrangements, from family tributes to corporate condolences and home sympathy flowers. Our expert florists can help you order the appropriate piece to express your heartfelt condolences. Delivery is available throughout the Greater Toronto Area and worldwide.

side table funeral arrangements Funeral Arrangements & Tradiitonal Tributes
Modest Expressions

A selection of sympathy designs for the funeral service or family home. Modestly priced choices for those who may wish to make a donation as well.

Side Table Arrangements

An array of vase and basket arrangements that the family may choose to take home after the funeral. Can also be sent directly to the family home.

Arrangements / Traditional Tributes

A traditional form of condolences often sent by family members, close friends and business associates. Mostly positioned near the casket.

standing sprays Wreaths / Crosses / Hearts
Corporate Condolences

An appropriate choice of arrangements suitable to convey sympathies for colleagues, clients and business relationships.

Standing Sprays

Family pieces usually designed to compliment the casket spray. They are traditionally positioned beside the casket.

Wreaths / Crosses / Hearts

Ordered by family, close relatives and friends, usually positioned near the casket and are designed to compliment the sprays.

standing sprays Picture / Urn Tributes
Casket Sprays

A diverse selection of arrangements suitably designed to drape over the casket for both open and closed casket viewings.

Ledge / Pillow Tributes

A small tribute placed inside or on the ledge of a casket. Can be from one or more children, grand and great grandchildren.

Picture & Urn Tributes

With so many opting for cremation, these designs are intended to replace the traditional casket spray.
A loving tribute.