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Flowers and Feng Shui: Decorating with Flowers to Increase Chi

Here are some more flowers and plants that attract positive chi:

Specific colours of flowers or particular types of flowers are best placed in certain locations for the optimum effect. Pink flowers, for example are thought to be a good choice for the bedroom, since they encourage harmony and tenderness. Red tulips encourage romance. Lilies are good for balancing out active areas of the home. Orchids will encourage harmony and peace after arguments. Green round-leafed plants are especially good in areas that have a lot of electronic equipment, such as a home theatre or home office. A wreath of flowers on the door provides protection, especially if reflective ribbons are included.

If you are following the Pa Kua system, and have divided your living space into areas, here are some specific plants that are appropriate for the regions of your home:

In practising Feng Shui, it is best to stay away from artificial or dried flowers, since these symbolise decay or lifelessness. Instead, buy living plants and deadhead them regularly, clearing away any dead stems or flowers, or fill your home with fresh flowers. This will encourage good energy flow and give you a sense of balance and calmness.

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