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Feedback page

The feedback we receive from our customers and their recipients provides us with valuable information, allowing us to keep doing what we do best and to address any areas that need attention.

We're all EARS!

Positive Feedback

Flowers add so much positive energy to our environment. They are a wonderful gift to send or receive. Hearing about your experience motivates us and helps us know what our customers like. Please share your story with us and others.

Not So Positive Feedback

Not so positive feedback is something we take very seriously. It is important to know what has happened and more importantly it gives us the opportunity to set things right. The bottom line for us is that you are happy with your experience and that your recipient is thrilled with their gift. There is really only one way for that information to get to us—we need to hear from you. We don't look at it as "complaining" but as "informing" us of something that needs our attention. Please feel free to let us know.