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For a more enjoyable Web experience, upgrade your web browser - it's FREE!

See more, hear more, experience more of what the Web has to offer when you use the latest web browsers. The best Web browsers are FREE to anyone who wishes to do download the latest version.

How do you determine what version of web browser you're using?

Chances are you're using some version of IE (Microsoft's Explorer) or Netscape.

PC users
If you're on a PC...go to the "HELP" menu at the top of your screen. If you're using Netscape you'll see a link, "About Communicator", click there and you'll see what version of Netscape you are using. If you're using Microsoft's Explorer, you'll see a link, "About Explorer", click there and you'll see what version of Explorer you are using.

MAC users
If you're on a MAC, go to the Apple Menu in the top left hand corner of your screen, you'll see a link at the top, if Netscape, "About Communicator", if Explorer "About Internet Explorer", click there and you'll see what version of Web browser you are using.

Links to upgrade to the latest web browsers

You can upgrade to any of the following browsers. Doing so will allow you to use and view websites as their creators intended them to be viewed.

Internet Explorer 6
For Windows delivers fine support for HTML 4, CSS-1, and other important W3C standards. Don't worry if you don't know what that means; the people who build your websites know. The browser is available free of charge.

Internet Explorer 5, Macintosh Edition
Released in March 2000, provides superb support for key web standards (CSS, HTML, XHTML, PNG, ECMA-262, DOM1HTML) and an elegant user experience. IE5.1, released December 2001, improves on its predecessor. The browser is available free of charge.

Netscape 6.2
Complies with important Web standards, including full support for XML and the DOM. These technologies can help web builders create powerful sites that work well. The browser is available free of charge. Netscape 6.2 fixes bugs in earlier releases, and adds support for Mac OSX. It is based on the standards-compliant Gecko engine and open-source Mozilla, which supports AIX, Linux, Win32, Mac OS, OpenVMS, HPUX, and FreeBSD, and which may be the most compliant of all current browsers.

Opera 6
For Windows, released 13 November 2001, supports many key web standards and a variety of computing platforms. Its lead designer was the chief author of the CSS-1 standard. The browser, which works well even on older PCs with limited power, is available free of charge. (A pay version is also available.) Opera supports Windows, Linux (beta, but works very well), Mac OS (beta, but works very well), and will soon support the OS/2, EPOC, and BeOS platforms.

IBM Web Browser
Based on Netscape's open source Mozilla project (see above), and offers excellent standards support for folks using IBM's OS2/Warp and Workspace On-Demand.