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Get Well Gifts: Flowers

When someone we know is in hospital, is sick at home or just feeling "under the weather", we all want to do something to make their recovery a bit easier. Dropping by for a visit or cooking some food is not always possible or appropriate, however sending a lovely bouquet of cut flowers, a cheerful vase arrangement or an encouraging blooming plant is a little something we can all do. It has been scientifically proven that flowers and plants can actually speed up the recovery process! A small gesture on our part can make a huge difference to someone's day. Be a part of the healing and send some Get Well flowers today!

Buy B3-4921  Happy Thoughts (click for details)
B3-4921 Happy Thoughts
Price: $65.00

Buy BH2         Big Hug (click for details)
BH2 Big Hug
Price: $50.00

Buy C13-4840  Basket of Cheer (click for details)
C13-4840 Basket of Cheer
Price: $50.00

Buy C17-4859  Thoughtful Expressions (click for details)
C17-4859 Thoughtful Expressions
Price: $50.00

Buy C17-4861  Shades of Purple (click for details)
C17-4861 Shades of Purple
Price: $60.00

Buy C19-4846  A Splendid Day (click for details)
C19-4846 A Splendid Day
Price: $65.00

Buy C22-4888  A Bit of Sunshine (click for details)
C22-4888 A Bit of Sunshine
Price: $115.00

Buy C23-4886  French Garden (click for details)
C23-4886 French Garden
Price: $85.00

Buy C3-4793  Sunny Sentiments (click for details)
C3-4793 Sunny Sentiments
Price: $60.00

Buy HG1  Sunlit Meadows (click for details)
HG1 Sunlit Meadows
Price: $70.00

Buy HG3  Gifts From The Garden (click for details)
HG3 Gifts From The Garden
Price: $60.00

Buy PKM            Pick Me Up (click for details)
PKM Pick Me Up
Price: $60.00

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