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Exclusive Corporate Gifts

A Business Corporation has an image to uphold. Like a successful office décor, flowers also provide a "polish" to that image. From decorating your reception area, boardroom, and washrooms to sending business gifts of appreciation to clients, customers and staff. Flowers provide an insight to a corporation's integrity, demonstrating a "giving back" policy that makes people feel good. Who wouldn't want to do business with a company that shows that attitude!

Buy B18-4024 Colours of Spring (click for more detail)
B18-4024 Colours of Spring
Price: $100.00

Buy B19-4130 Pink Splendour (click for more detail)
B19-4130 Pink Splendour
Price: $75.00

Buy C17-4147 Instant Happiness (click for more detail)
C17-4147 Instant Happiness
Price: $60.00

Buy C18-4151 Simply Perfect (click for more detail)
C18-4151 Simply Perfect
Price: $64.95

Buy C19-3085 Many Thanks (click for more detail)
C19-3085 Many Thanks
Price: $99.95

Buy C20-4159 Floral Festival (click for more detail)
C20-4159 Floral Festival
Price: $60.00

Buy C21-3011 Pacific Paradise Arrangement (click for more detail)
C21-3011 Pacific Paradise Arrangement
Price: $50.00

Buy C23-4167 Exotica (click for more detail)
C23-4167 Exotica
Price: $75.00

Buy C26-2943 French Garden (click for more detail)
C26-2943 French Garden
Price: $50.00

Buy C7-4153 Cosmopolitan (click for more detail)
C7-4153 Cosmopolitan
Price: $65.00

Buy D3-4039 Wonderful Wishes (click for more detail)
D3-4039 Wonderful Wishes
Price: $75.00

Buy HT01 -  White Hand-tied Bouquet (click for more detail)
HT01 - White Hand-tied Bouquet
Price: $50.00

Buy HT02 Purple Blue & White Hand-tied Bouquet (click for more detail)
HT02 Purple Blue & White Hand-tied Bouquet
Price: $75.00

Buy HT03 - Pink Mixed Handtied (click for more detail)
HT03 - Pink Mixed Handtied
Price: $65.00

(*Containers and products may vary slightly*)