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Say Happy Birthday with Flowers by Tidy's!

Sending birthday flowers is a great way to say Happy Birthday to a relative, friend or spouse. When you send a beautiful bouquet of cut flowers, a lovely vase arrangement, or a blooming plant, delivered from Tidy's Flowers - Toronto's Florist since 1877, you can imagine the smile it will create. If you plan on spending some time with the Birthday Boy/Girl and show up with flowers, you get to see that joy in person! Lucky for both of you!

Buy B01 - Beautiful Day (click for details)
B01 - Beautiful Day
Price: $65.00

Buy B02 - Persian Garden (click for details)
B02 - Persian Garden
Price: $55.00

Buy B05 - Watercolour Wonder (click for details)
B05 - Watercolour Wonder
Price: $90.00

Buy C9-4866     So Beautiful (click for details)
C9-4866 So Beautiful
Price: $65.00

Buy D2-4895 Wonderful Wishes (click for details)
D2-4895 Wonderful Wishes
Price: $80.00

Buy D3-4899      Starshine (click for details)
D3-4899 Starshine
Price: $50.00

Buy D4-4038      All For You (click for details)
D4-4038 All For You
Price: $50.00

Buy D4-4895      Festive Wishes (click for details)
D4-4895 Festive Wishes
Price: $55.00

Buy D4-4902      Birthday Cheer (click for details)
D4-4902 Birthday Cheer
Price: $55.00

Buy BDY - FTD Birthday Bouquet (click for details)
BDY - FTD Birthday Bouquet
Price: $60.00

(*Containers and products may vary slightly*)