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Administrative Professionals' Week / Secretaries' Week

Secretaries' Day Flowers | Administrative Professionals Day Flowers by Tidys. Today is an important day! Find out what millions of women say

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Professional Secretaries Week was established in 1952 by Professional Secretaries International to increase public awareness of the importance of this position within an organization.

Over the years, the job description has evolved along with the title. They are now known as Administrative Professionals, and this position no longer consists of "doing things to lessen the boss' workload", for example - photocopying, typing, or making coffee. Being an Administrative Professional comes with responsibility, authority and calls for exercising good judgment as well as taking the initiative. Administrative Assistants have taken on many of the duties previously performed only by a superior, allowing today's busy executive the freedom to explore new avenues.

We've come a long way from the days of shorthand and manual typewriters! Computers, palm pilots, e-mails, cell phones and the Internet have taken the place of carbon copy letters, day-timers, phone tag and reference books. And rightly so! With all the responsibilities a Professional Administrator has, they need up-to-date tools to complete their tasks in an efficient manner. Their dedication, integrity and professionalism are some of the tools you rely on to get your job done!

Administrative Professionals Week is not limited to secretaries or assistants. Any one of your staff may be the type of employee you wish to reward. The contributions and efforts of these people should not go unnoticed. Studies have shown that being appreciated comes a close second to being appropriately compensated for the job one does. They deserve your confidence, respect and yes - flowers! Brighten someone's day and bring a smile to a much deserving member of your staff.

So, how can a busy executive show that going the extra mile is noticed and appreciated as well? Easy... because Tidy's Flowers makes it that way! Reward them with flowers!

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