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FTD Luxury

The mere word "Luxury" speaks volumes. These FTD Luxury Specials are a perfect selection for when the accomplishment is major, the occasion is momentous and the love is deep! There really are times when bigger is better and showing it is paramount !

Buy 17-b8 (click for details)
Price: $235.00

Buy LX00 Glorious (click for details)
LX00 Glorious
Price: $360.00

Buy LX115 Irresistible (click for details)
LX115 Irresistible
Price: $425.00

Buy LX118 Vision (click for details)
LX118 Vision
Price: $300.00

Buy LX22 Lavish (click for details)
LX22 Lavish
Price: $799.00

Buy RP95 FASCINATING (click for details)
Price: $450.00

Buy RP99 INDULGENT (click for details)
Price: $549.95

Buy LX113 Admiration (click for details)
LX113 Admiration
Price: $299.00

Buy LX114 Striking (click for details)
LX114 Striking
Price: $225.00

Buy LX116 Alluring (click for details)
LX116 Alluring
Price: $275.00

Buy LX117 Honestly (click for details)
LX117 Honestly
Price: $299.00

Buy LX74 Flawless (click for details)
LX74 Flawless
Price: $399.00

Buy LX75 Luminous (click for details)
LX75 Luminous
Price: $199.00

(*Containers and products may vary slightly*)