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Tidy's Flowers Toronto, Canada is the flower shop and online florist of choice for thousands...we offer great selection at competitive prices. Whether you are looking for a dozen roses, bouquets of fresh flowers, exquisite flower arrangements, or gifts for a specific occasion, Tidy's Flowers Toronto, Canada is your online florist and flower shop. Shop with confidence knowing that we've been in business since 1877!

September 2017 Selection ...

Buy 17-901    Sunny Sunflowers (click for more detail)
17-901 Sunny Sunflowers
Price: $80.00

Buy 17-902       Warm Citrus (click for more detail)
17-902 Warm Citrus
Price: $90.00

Buy 17-903    Rambling Roses (click for more detail)
17-903 Rambling Roses
Price: $75.00

Buy 17-904       Sunset Gold (click for more detail)
17-904 Sunset Gold
Price: $70.00

Buy 17-905     Rustic Shadows (click for more detail)
17-905 Rustic Shadows
Price: $130.00

Buy 17-906    Tangy Delight (click for more detail)
17-906 Tangy Delight
Price: $80.00

Buy 17-907     Nature’s Wonder (click for more detail)
17-907 Nature’s Wonder
Price: $95.00

Buy 17-908    Sunny Disposition (click for more detail)
17-908 Sunny Disposition
Price: $65.00

Buy 17-909  September Cut Bouquet (click for more detail)
17-909 September Cut Bouquet
Price: $40.00

(*Containers and products may vary slightly*)